Hell Mary s​/​t LP

by Hell Mary

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    10 song one sided LP pressed onto clear vinyl with either a black or green screen-printed B side.

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10 song one-sided LP pressed onto clear vinyl. 150 with a black screen-printed B side, 150 with a green screen-printed B side.


released September 21, 2016

Recorded and mixed at Backroom Studios by Kevin Antreassian.



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Track Name: Final Plea
a one man show as tension grows
a bitter twisted melody escapes his throat
he bellows, he shrieks in the diminished key of deceit
he bellows, he shrieks and he reeks of defeat
his final plea
a hungry crowd to embrace the sound
as the stench of past mistakes comes pouring out
dead thrones built of fools
scorched bones shine like jewels
Track Name: Failed Policy
a tired pattern forming
a stock program so boring
a failed policy- but i won't disagree
in the privacy of my own apathy
is it just me, or is it just me?
it's just me
i engage
i indulge
shackled to routine of me me me
i am the slave and master of my own debris
i love the tension but hate the release
i love the tension but i hate the release
and when it's over
i close my eyes/shake my head
clean up/fix my bed
i know that i'll do it again
Track Name: Glass
a pessimist or optimist
where do i fit?
half empty (promises)
half full (of shit)
a glass is a glass is a glass
the need for acceptance makes me disposable
the need for acceptance makes me invisible
what you don't say may hold more weight
keep it in or pour it out?
Track Name: For the Birds
i want to fly- i wanna soar through the sky
despite- self-made rules i comply
with no real goals i've fucked my dreams
always so eager to please
this self-inflicted disease
i flap my wings violently
the sickness of a scripted reality
it's all my fault i never fall
in four walls i've built so small
watch me crawl
trapped in confines
my feet are tied
hardly applied/scrape by/abide
always so eager to please
upon a grave of dreams
i flap my wings violently
yet wet sand engulfs my feet
Track Name: Compartmentalization
shake that finger...
i'm kicking open doors as they slam shut
my toes turn black- a throbbing pact:
a reminder of what i'll never have
advancement deluded
i can't proceed nor can i leave
keep me detained/keep me contained/leave me restrained
shake that finger in my face
Track Name: Tongue in Cheek
she had a smile so illuminating
she had goals; she had plans…
self induced disease it changed everything
self induced disease it changed everything
and now she’s seeing things that aren’t even there
she hardly sleeps/she barely eats
swollen gums/sandpaper tongue
holes for teeth/trick or treat
the shadow people knocking at her door
she'll answer it and go back for more
she’ll smile: relief
she never sleeps, you can see it in her teeth
self defeat
up for days/up for weeks/never sleeps
you can see it in her teeth
Track Name: Screening
live life on display
a copy of a copy- a derivative plague
no curtains on the stage
a photo of a photo as experience fades
these filtered pictures replace words
that used to stand for something- be so much more
and there's nothing i can say
that hasn't been said in a much better way
oh so boring, oh so plain
oh so boring, i'm just the same
no calluses on my hands or on my finger tips
no scars on my legs, or scabs on my knees
no dirt on my feet or chips in my teeth
i've become too frail
no blackened fingernails
my vision's too clear
no ringing in my ears
i miss the days where "the world at our finger tips"
was just a metaphor and it's crippling
Track Name: Window Seat
well, the truth won't set me free
it will only imprison me
iron bars shimmer with regret
with my feet strapped to legs of a stationary seat
facing a window to remind me:

i'll continue to build bridges just to watch them
crumble and burn
and i won't turn away
as they diappear
my hope- lost in the rubble
swallowed by sand
why would i choose to move from this perfect view?
sparkling glass to look through
Track Name: Cast Party
i'm no exception
i'm merely blending in
discomfort in the skin i'm in
an art/deception
and what's the point of an outlet when nothing seems to fit?
and nothing's sinking in, no nothing sticks
a chameleon personality
on display/every day/a mundane scene
with the actors all the same
rehearsed lines. regurgitate
for every feeling a new face
regurgitate the foot that i ate
regurgitate the problems i face
regurgitate the words that i swallow
regurgitate looks like i'm losing weight.
but wait
and i'm sorry but, i've gotta leave before we eat
restless nights and uneasy dreams
impatiently wait to greet me
and i'm no exception/i offer no solution.
Track Name: $nakes
preoperational stage
with no coming of age
another label for the "unstable"
as we disable the good and able
growing old and swallowed whole
packaged standards cut from a mold
dictate "what works"
dictate "what's fair"
push a meaningless test on the unprepared
differentiate yet assess the same
starving snakes high on stakes
a budget to manipulate
accommodations in vain
accusations and blame
swing your sticks and throw your stones
we don't bear this weight alone
constricted and swallowed whole
deteriorating flesh and bone.
finding no comfort in "you're not alone"
deteriorating flesh and bone