LAW "Demo" 7"

by droppingbombshc

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    4 songs of crushing straight edge hardcore from Detroit. FFO: Buried Alive, The Promise, Another Victim, Throwdown, etc.

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released October 24, 2016

Recorded by Chris Trestain in July of 2016.



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Track Name: Swallow and Burn
They open your mouth and push addiction inside, swallowing a hunger that grows to voice, a scream that demands it be satisfied, trading silence only for a life.

Like building a cairn stone by stone, they bury an entire generation pill by pill.

Burying a pain that once filled every void within you, they watch you lower yourself into the grave.

And no one speaks of it, as they reach their hands in our homes and cover the mouths of our loved ones, like silent murder.

Stone by stone, pill by pill, they're burying an entire generation through murder.
Track Name: In the Company of Death
Beneath countless tombstones, countless victims silenced by your gain. Every story ending with the consequence of need.

Overdose, accidents, cancerous disease, physical and tangible symptoms of your earnings.

Profits outweighing human life from products that only kill us slowly. Would you feel a thing if sheets of data were instead replaced with all their names?

Your pockets are lined with grave blankets. Your homes are built on murder. Your money is printed with innocent blood.
Track Name: Condemned to Violence
This is a culture that provides and comforts as gently as suicide.

Like the learned behavior of animals bred into their species, we have harbored, accepted and nurtured a cycle of revenge and raised our children to believe there's no other way.

The last thread of humanity hangs like a noose, a swaying pendulum tied around our throats.

Condemned to violence. Condemned to violence forever.
Track Name: Apathy's Cold Hand
Broken fingers useless from holding the weight of my discontent.

A line of fire drawn between you and I, burning in the fires I have built within to reproach the cold.

I am not helpless. My voice will not be silenced.

Broken, I won't succumb to apathy. Broken, I will not watch others suffer. Broken, I will take the hands of your indifference and break every single fucking finger.

Who will cover your eyes then?