The Traveler

by Black Communion

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Released as a one-sided 10" lathe cut record via Dropping Bombs. This record is on clear vinyl, comes with a screen printed B side, and is limited to 45 physical copies.


released April 20, 2017

Written by Black Communion
Recorded by David Lindell / Camp David
Art by Bruce Paulson / Fortress Letterpress



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Track Name: Black Communion - The Aegis
Time frays in the vault
A needle runs through it
Between our worlds
A needle runs through it

I couldn't be closer
I couldn't be further away
From finding the truth
Where they go when they die

Keeper of present
Ruler of past
Thieves of my memory
Conquerors of Venus

Pass through the timegate and approach the throne
Track Name: Black Communion - Paleocontacter
Blot out the sun
Let the ash fill your lungs

Listen, some stars won't stop calling out to us
Listen, to the sound of the dying breath of the Traveler

We tread among stars in this dead orbit

Beyond the city
Beyond the light
Beyond the Traveler

Beyond the city
Beyond the light
Into forever
Track Name: Black Communion - Bloodlines (pt. 1 & 2)
Peel back the scale
The fire burns below
Rings of darkness take shape
Within nothing

Made of fire
Set in stone

Fire fades to ember
Orange glow to ash
The spark that set ablaze
Still trapped inside the past

Fractal scroll...what do you say?
"With the sight, I saw the self within the self."

Grow cold
Hidden cloak
With white chroma gaze

Send me to the reef
Keep your new monarchy

I have no house and I kneel for no one